About us

About us

Stefan Palsson AB is a refinement of Kryddans Rökeri which began operations in 1989 by developing smoking of boneless salmon fillet. By placing great emphasis on accuracy the business has evolved and today’s products are available in retailing, wholesale and in Gourmet restaurants.

Working closely with many of Sweden’s top chefs have resulted in various products developed to meet the highest possible quality. This cooperation has resulted in that the company’s products has been served in both the Royal courts in Sweden, Denmark and England, the Nobel dinner as well as during festivals and many other events.

When we among all other suppliers were chosen to deliver our Stefan Palsson Salmon at the Alfred Nobel banquet in Stockholm City Hall it was a tremendous honor. At the same time we felt a huge responsibility for quality both before and during the world famous banquet. This responsibility applies for both guests and the hardworking staff. The same responsibility apply throughout our entire production chain. Our hard work and endeavor to always deliver the best quality means that all our customers will be as pleased as guests of Alfred Nobel banquet in 1997 and 2003 confirmed that they had become.

Increased business resulted in a new smokehouse was built in Landskrona 2001 combining both smoking with sale of the products in the Delikatessen shop. The work  takes place with highest quality and it includes both handling of raw materials, preparation and handling of the final products. By maintaining highest quality throughout the entire process a guarantee of products that lasts for the demanding expectations that customers have a right to require is fully achieved.

In 2004 we submitted 8 samples for the Great Taste Awards in London organized by the Guild of Fine Food. This is a competition that gathers the very best European special food producers. Great Taste is the world’s largest and most trusted food awards. Putting food to test with the judge panel of over 450 experts is a quick way to get honest, straightforward and impartial feedback from chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers. We achieved 3 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze in the competition.

In 2012 we submitted two samples for the Great Taste Awards in London  and achieved a 3 Star Gold for our Hot smoked Double Fillet and was nominated for the Gold Fork Award which is one of the most prestigious price. We also got one One gold star for our Cold smoked Cour de fillet. 

In 2013 we where invited to participate in major food fairs in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Prague. Our salmon received the highest praise at these fairs.

In November and December 2013, Stefan himself traveled throughout Asia and participated at major fairs in Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Bangkok as exhibitor of our premium salmon products. We where featured on television in China and made a large VIP party in Shanghai with over 250 guests. We made a presentation to the Chinese Chef team that ended in Stefan being inducted into the World Association of Food. 

In 2014 we once again participated at the Great Taste Awards in London and we can now add additional awards to our great collection of prizes. With awards across five categories we once again confirmed that the food that leaves Stefan Palsson AB holds top class in the world’s toughest competition. This year 10 000 products where judged at over 50 days.

The categories won was Whole Hot Smoked Salmon, Gourmet Bread, Landskrona 600 Year Jubilee Hot Smoked Salmon, Shrimp Salad with Handpeeled Shrimps and Sweet Smokey Hot Smoked Salmon.

In the category Best imported specialty Stefan Palsson AB achieved the most prestigious top award:

”Golden Fork Award.”

Great Taste Awards 2014 Top 50 – Stefan Palsson Whole Hot Smoked Salmon 

”Scandinavians know a thing or two about smoking salmon and this one has been hot smoked whole in Sweden by the team at Stefan Pålsson. “A most majestic beast,” said one judge of our panel. “Wonderfully moist salmon and perfectly seasoned. It falls off the bone in the most beautiful way.” See the presentation below:

Stefan Pålsson AB – Awards